I'll Give You Somebody to Love...


The Revivalists began when guitarist Zack Feinberg met frontman David Shaw. Shaw fatefully encountered Feinberg when he happened to be riding his bike. Feinberg, taking a different route than usual, found himself riding past Shaw who was singing a song called "Purple Heart" on his front porch. The two struck up a conversation and got together later that day to play music. The duo began playing with Andrew Campanelli, a drummer Feinberg had met at Tipitina's. Within a week, the earliest version of the band played their first show at Checkpoint Charlie's Laundromat/Bar on Esplanade Avenue. By the time they got a chance to play at Tipitina's a few weeks later, the name "The Revivalists" appeared on the bill for the first time

Come check them out at The Pageant on December 5th.