It's time to move on... it's time to get goin'.


What in the hell is going on with music lately?

 What has happened in the past two years that the Universe has said basically, "Fuck you world, we're taking them all."

From Bowie to Prince, George Michael to Merle. Glenn Fry to Glen Campbell, Cornell to Chester. Gentry to Petty, Becker to Bradley and all the artists in between.

Yet, we still have Kanye and Bieber and Taylor fucking Swift.

Have we fallen so much as a society that this is our punishment? Could this be the price we are paying for our inhumanity, our insolence, our arrogance?

I'm not prepared to live in a world where our listening selection has been reduced to complete and utter shit. I'm not prepared to come home, kick off my shoes and listen to the latest Beyoncé album.

Something has to give.

Someone has to say enough is enough.

I know that positive energy isn't going to keep someone alive, but you know what?

It can't hurt to try.

Can we end the hate, end the blame, the name calling and hostility that we cast upon each other every day? Can we try to embrace our differences, celebrate our diversity instead and maybe, just maybe, we'll have ourselves a Grinch moment where the universe's heart grows three sizes too big and it stops taking our legends, our rockers, our poets, our friends.

Don't take the political bullshit way out and blame Trump or Hillary. I'm done with that. America made their bed and now they have to find a way to lie in it. Peace must come somehow, someway. We are all going to have to bend. Just a little. Just a start.

And yes, I know that wishful thinking and daring to dream that people can actually pull their heads out of their asses long enough to form some sort of semi peaceful coexistence is a lesson in futility, but so be it. I know that isn't going to bring the greats back, I know that isn't going to stop them from passing on, but it might make it a little easier to cope when they are gone.

Until we can find a way to live in harmony, we can always fall back on the songs and let the lyrics ease our troubled minds.

And hopefully we will see them all again, front row, at the best goddamn concert in the sky.