Mixed Emotions


I miss 1984.

I miss sitting around at my grandma and grandpa's house watching Friday Night Videos.

I miss neon and Madonna when she was a normal, slutty looking role model for prepubescent girls instead of the wanna be English version of Skelator that she is now.

But you know what I miss most of all?


I miss the artistry of picking songs that you knew would meld into an awesome compilation. I miss the beauty of naming the mixtape something clever like "Tunes for the Long Haul" when I made one for road trips. Or
"Missy's Master Mix" when I was feeling especially egotistical with my musical

Why don't we practice this long-lost art anymore? Have we completely forgotten the joy we felt when someone took the time to sit down and bear their souls to us in the form of a plastic cassette tape? Where they either had to time out every song perfectly or wait until the DJ stopped talking in order to hit the record button as soon as they could.

That little Maxell cartridge could turn me into a hot mess the second the handoff was made.

The emotional struggle was real.

What songs would they pick?

What did the inclusion of Tears for Fears "Head Over Heels" mean?

Does he like me, are we just friends, is he a sociopath? Did he seriously put a Dokken song on here???

Nowadays, our technology lends us a link or a video.

There's no passion in that.

There's no romance in hitting a "share" button.

I can't sit around at home and look out of the window into the night sky, like I do when I pretend to be in a music video, and pine away for my imaginary boyfriend, Jake Ryan.

There are no butterflies involved in a USB trade. I'll even go so much as to allow a CD mix.

But that's where it stops.

We've brought back vinyl.

For fuck's sake, we've brought back mom jeans.

Isn't it time to return to an era of love letters mixed with thought and contemplation? A time when 45 minutes on each side could profess one's love or break a heart.

I'll agree that I'm highly nostalgic, but I tell you, all the great ones are.

So, tell me your deepest track.

Tell me that one song that you would put on a mix that would be the definitive clincher on how your groove would go. The game changer. The one that gets 'em.

You tell me yours and I'll tell you mine...