Rainy Day Man


The first time I heard Amos Lee, I was driving through a rain storm in Moline, Illinois.

His vibe was so different than artists I had been hearing lately, that I immediately drove to the nearest record store (I refer to any outlet that sells music a record store, by the way) and bought his debut album.

Holy hell.

His voice, the rain hitting my windshield on that dreary, grey day; the emotion that he puts into all of his songs, it was the kind of music that stayed with you long after it was over.

He became one of my favorite artists at that very moment and has been to this day.

I have had the opportunity to see him live and he is every bit as awesome live.

I have watched him stand on the end of a stage, without backup, without music, without a microphone and belt out one of the most amazing, heartfelt performances I've ever seen. He was so pure and his voice so powerful that it carried though the entire venue. There was truth and honesty in that moment. And it was beautiful.

Check out his old stuff, check out his latest stuff. Listen to him on studio versions or live.

Let his spirit move you as much as it moved me.