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Listen, enjoy and maybe walk away with a little love for something new.  This is a place to hear old favorites or new grooves.  We're going to showcase a little bit of everything.  The world doesn't spin on one album alone.  Please search out these artists and pay them tribute by heading to the record store and picking up a copy of their musical souls.  Consider this a musical library.  Without the Dewey Decimal system.

Though nothing, will keep us together
We could steal time,
just for one day
We can be Heroes, for ever and ever
What d'you say?

He might not be Shakespeare, but Steve Forbert's song about fading away from the world in the company of your lover was worthy of the title "Romeo's Tune," which does not appear in the lyrics. Forbert had most of the song written when he recorded his debut album Alive On Arrival, which was released in 1978. He didn't include it...

Rebel Rebel, you've torn your dress
Rebel Rebel, your face is a mess
Rebel Rebel, how could they know?
Hot tramp, I love you so!

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Where there any songs on the album that were a real challenge for you?
"Last week, we finished a song that started seven years ago. Seven years ago, my first daughter had just been born and I was living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She keeps crying cos her pacifier kept falling out of her mouth. I called her little pacifiers...

Shout when you wanna get off the ride
Shout when you wanna get off the ride
Shout when you wanna get off the ride
'Cause you crossed my mind, you crossed my mind
Made my blood thump Saturday night
Make my heart beat double time
Now I'm only sour cherry on the fruit stand, right...

Strum me like a guitar blow out my amplifier
When you hear some feedback keep going take it higher
Crank it up give it to me come on
Crank it up give it to me come on
I'm gonna feedback feedback oh
Feedback feedback oh
Crank it up give it to me come on...

Mass Transit


the day will come and wake you up in ev'ry which way.



Born: February 19, 1965 (age 52)
Origin: Walla Walla, Washington, U.S.

In the "Self Interview" on the DVD of the concert film Stop Making Sense, Byrne states that it is a love song, a topic he tends to avoid because it is "kinda big." He also said of the song: