A Salute For One Who Rocked


July 13, 1987.  

I was your typical sixteen year old in the throes of what we call "Adolescent Angst".

Part of my pittance of an allowance was spent on a BMG Music tape club membership.

On that day a cassette tape arrived in the mail called "Back in Black".

Needless to say I was curious because when you are 5' 3'' and you also see five other guys about the same height thrashing out powerful music, you identify. 

I placed the tape in, and after about the 3rd song, I was hooked.

Within about 3 months I owned the rest of their catalog, and for the next several years their music was part of my daily diet.

Sadly to say one of the major architects of all of this passed yesterday.

Not the schoolboy dude, but his older brother.

Malcolm was a genius.

He exemplified "Keep it simple".

R.I.P Malcolm.. You may be gone.. but your spirit rocks forever...

Guest Writer:  Antu Seetharam