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Listen, enjoy and maybe walk away with a little love for something new.  This is a place to hear old favorites or new grooves.  We're going to showcase a little bit of everything.  The world doesn't spin on one album alone.  Please search out these artists and pay them tribute by heading to the record store and picking up a copy of their musical souls.  Consider this a musical library.  Without the Dewey Decimal system.

When a song is a little catchy, so you Shazam it and read the comments, THIS is the random shit that you want to read... Tells me everything that I need to know about this song.

Carry On


Day Breaks is the sixth solo studio album by American singer-songwriter Norah Jones, released on October 7, 2016, through Blue Note Records. The album features nine original songs and three covers. Jones returned to a piano-driven sound as heard on releases early in her career. It peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200, becoming her sixth...

Born in Mobile, Alabama, Cootie Williams began his professional career at the age of fourteen with the Young Family band, which included saxophonist Lester Young. According to Williams he acquired his nickname as a boy when his father took him to a band concert. When it was over his father asked him what he'd heard and he replied, "Cootie, cootie,...

Foy Vance (born 1974) is a Northern Irish musician and singer-songwriter signed to Glassnote Records in 2013. Vance has toured as a support act to British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and his music has been featured on numerous TV shows. In August 2013 he released his second full-length album, Joy of Nothing, which produced by Irish producer and...

Damn right gonna lay my claim
Watch the whole world change
And let it all unfold
Straight from the soul
Gotta stick to my goal always

Rest Easy


Rest your soul, live in peace
I won't let you worry, worry at all

This tune has not been published on the OST of "The Fabulous Baker Boys" (I don´t understand why, because it´s a musical highlight of the movie). It is featured in the ballroom scene with Jeff Bridges & Michelle Pfeiffer at 47:22. I always love to improvise over this tune, so I added a chorus after the original part. Then...

Both of these talents were taken way before their time, but what a duo they made. Gregory Hines was a joy to watch whether he was dancing, singing or just making people laugh. Let's take it back to 1986 and just enjoy a time when quality R&B like this was playing on the airwaves.