Bury Me With Blues


Little Esther grew up and became Esther Phillips.

She was a great influence on Aretha and other soul singing ladies, but she didn't get the recognition during her time. Her "Home Is Where the Hatred Is" was nominated for a Grammy award in 1972. When Aretha Franklin's "Young, Gifted, and Black" won the award, Franklin herself personally handed the award to Phillips, saying she deserved it more.

Phillips became addicted to heroin, rehabbed several times, and died in 1984, at the age of 48 due to complications from her heroin addiction.

She is a great lady of blues/jazz/soul/ and r & b. I hope you enjoy "No Gravestone For My Head" from her 1966 album and 2001 re-issue cd, "Esther Phillips - The Country Side of Esther".