For What it's Worth


Every time you turn on the news or read the paper, you see


Nations fighting nations, poor fighting rich, white fighting
black, black fighting blue, man fighting man.

It has been this way since the beginning of time. In biblical times, Cain killed Abel for having a more pleasing offering to the Lord.

In modern times, a woman shot a homeless man for blocking her

These days, one little act can set off a war. One tiny action which may
seem irrelevant to one can have irreparable damage to someone else. One tiny action can cause a war.

John Lennon sang about "that-isms, this-isms", but all he
wanted was peace.

Give peace a chance.

It doesn't seem like anyone wants to give anything a chance

White lives don't matter, black lives don't matter, and blue
lives don't matter; no lives matter.

And people are mad.

And people are rioting.

Not only in their hearts, but in the streets.

What happened to peaceful protests?

What happened to men and women coming together to voice
their opinions in a nonviolent way?

The days of locking arms and singing in protest has given
way to burning down Starbucks and running through people blocking the streets and looting from neighbors.

When did this ever become the norm? When did this ever help heal anyone? How did we go so wrong?

People have been singing about wars for hundreds of years.

One voice, one single voice singing a song can do something
so magical that it blows my mind.

It can change to two voices.

What can make our world, our city, our streets a better
place to live?

Throwing a cinder block through a window so you can steal a
TV? Burning down businesses that support your neighborhood because you are mad?
Shooting an innocent policeman who was simply sitting in his car? Killing a man in front of his child?

Maybe it's time we try a different approach. Maybe it's time that we let our voices do our fighting and put the weapons down.

"There's battle lines being drawn

Nobody's right if everybody's wrong"

Buffalo Springfield said "Hey, what's that sound?"

Maybe it should be the clear sound of voices singing in unison.
All colors, all nationalities, all religions, all genders.

One song, one world, many voices.

Maybe if that one voice is strong enough, it can lead the way to a choir of voices, changing the world with their song. Uniting us in music.

When words fail, music speaks. - Han Christian Anderson

Maybe it's time to stop talking and start singing.

Maybe it's time to stop fighting and start healing.

Music speaks what cannot be expressed

Soothes the mind and gives it rest

Heals the heart and makes it whole

Flows from heaven to the soul

Stay safe St. Louis.