What do you like about music?


Russell Hammond answered William's question to "What do you
like about music?" with one word in Cameron Crowe's movie Almost Famous.


If there was ever a moment that I felt more strongly connected
to a character in a movie, I can't think of it.


I picture myself in his place and I see the look on his
face, the way his eyes light up at the question. I can see his mind start to work, to think of all the things he has to say and I feel it.
I know what he's going to say because I AM him. 

Can you feel it?

Feel yourself get a little light-headed because you're so excited about answering the question?

Can you feel the anxiety and energy coursing through your
veins, you literally feel like you are going to burst out of your skin because
you want, no, you need to talk about music?

You yearn to express how a song, simple lyrics and a melody
can transform you. Back to childhood, to a specific moment in your life, to yesterday when you were stuck in traffic and a certain song came on that made you forget the hustle and bustle of the day. Windows down, music up, and you let the frustration go because there wasn't anything else that you could do.

Your body grabbed that song and surrounded
you with its euphony. A musical hug. A symphonic release.

In one study, researchers found that eighty-three music
listeners completed a questionnaire in which they provided information about
the occurrence of a range of physical reactions while listening to music.
Shivers down the spine, laughter, tears and lump in the throat were reported by over 80% of respondents.

That's referred to as frisson and I'm hoping that exact
feeling is what has led you here.

In Solace (The Sting/Soundtrack Version) (Orchestra Version) ยท Marvin Hamlisch does that at the 00:49 mark. When the cup muted
trumpet slowly appears and starts to build, I have to stop what I'm doing and
just appreciate the moment. The way it sneaks up, quietly, gently, and then floods your ears with its melancholic beauty.

Now, I don't know if you have such dramatic responses
when listening to music, but if you do, or if you feel as strongly about music
as I do, then we're going to have a good time here.

This is a space where I'm going to drag it all out. Put it all out there. The good, the bad, the in-between. Stories and adventures and daily grind rants. 

But through it all, there will be music.

So, put on your listening ears because each week there
will be music to explore and anecdotes to share.

I want you to participate.  

Be active. 

Be honest.

Tell me your deepest thoughts.

Consider this your playroom and the safe word is "Music".