You Say it's Your Birthday...


Always count your age in adventures, not years. - John Lennon

So my Tuesday night starts off not with laundry nor binge-watching Weeds (I'm just starting season eight.  For the record, Nancy is a terrible person) or any of the million mostly menial things I normally do, but hanging out with some people that have no reason to be where they are; some people who have no idea why they are there; and some people who will have no idea when they wake up where they even were.

In a fog of kush infused with nag champa...

I sat back, looked around. I took out my magic walking stick, took a
drink of my zamzam water and embraced it.

Move over, Rover and let Jimi take over.

"Waterfall, nothing can harm me at all,
my worries seem so very small
with my waterfall."

I love being in situations where I am the "normal" one. It's such a
pleasant experience.

And that was the question.

Are you experienced?

Every adventure led me here.

Every day, every minute, every second brought me to this exact spot. 

I have lived.

I have laughed.

I have loved.

Am I experienced?

I reflect in that.

 And I smile in answer.


 Why yes I am.

So although I age another year, I laugh at death.

I know you are coming for me one day, sir.

But not this day.

I have more to experience.

And I plan on doing it.